How To Get Your Gig Tickets

If you’re looking to get some gig tickets online, here are some tips on how to get your hands on them.


Don’t lose your tickets because you don’t have an account with the ticket provider you’re trying to buy from. Register and get updates for when tickets are going on sale form your favourite artist.

Sign in before the sale starts

Sign into your account half an hour before the tickets go on sale. Being signed in saves time when you’re trying to speed your purchase through the checkout. Save your card details as well for an extra quick check-out.

Store up to date info

Make sure all your details are up to date on your account. This means your address, card number and expiry date. Don’t waste time having to re enter these when you’re trying to buy your tickets.

Don’t use public wifi networks

As convenient as they are, they don’t offer the speed of connection you’ll need to get your ticket.

Use the app

If your ticket provider has an app then use it. They are usually more efficient and you can use them anywhere

Use pre-sale perks

There are lots of pre-sale perks that you can use for getting your tickets earlier than anyone else. These can be:

  • Verified Fan Pre-sales – Certain artists will have pre-sale codes available form their fan club

  • Social Media Pre-sales – Artists, venues and shows can offer pre-sale deals on their social media channels. Keep an eye out for deals there.

  • Venue Pre-sales – Some venues offer pre-sale deals for their venue, so keep an eye out for deals on their websites

  • Credit Card Pre-sales – Some credit card companies offer pre-sale deals on tickets, so check if your credit card provider has any tie-ins with the ticket companies and make use of their offers while they’re there.

Get multiple people to try to get tickets

It’s a numbers game. The more people you have trying to get tickets will increase your chances of getting tickets. Check if your credit card provider has any tie ins with the ticket companies.

Don’t be greedy

It’s easier to pick up two tickets than four – trying to land a smaller quantity will increase your chances of success.

Watch the clock

Once you get through security start searching for your tickets. This one is hugely important – the clock is ticking. You’ll only have two to three minutes form the first page before you are asked to proceed or want to search again.

Keep checking back

Additional tickets can be released right up until the hours before the concert.

If you’re looking to get some tickets for an event it’s worth checking out this Ticketmaster voucher for ensuring you get the best possible price for your tickets.

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