The Most Important Concerts In History

The Beatles – Shea Stadium 15th August 1965

The first concert ever in a stadium was very far removed from the slick stadium shows with massive screens we are accustomed to today. Using the PA system that was used for announcing players (Shea Stadium was a Baseball Stadium). In front of the 55,600 crowd, the band couldn’t hear each other, all you could hear was girls screaming and the band themselves admit they couldn’t hear anything they were playing, but it created an entirely new type of concert, was filmed and broadcast round the world and pretty much cemented The Beatles belief that they couldn’t play live anymore, giving them the drive to spend time in the studio. Once they embarked on their studio period they released the groundbreaking Revolver and arguably the most influential album in history, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Continue reading “The Most Important Concerts In History”

The Rising Price Of Concert Tickets

Everyone knows that concert tickets have been rising in price and since 1995 there have been several events that have pushed up the prices of tickets. In 1995 the launch of CD-RW drives meant a boom in piracy of recorded music. The reaction to this in the industry was a steep price hike. In 1999 Napster and the iPod launched which again was met by the industry massively increasing prices. In the 21st Century, as business models changed and artists decided that their bread and butter was no longer recorded music, but it was live shows instead. Since then there has been a rise in online streaming an a brief vinyl renaissance, but the live show die has already been cast. Continue reading “The Rising Price Of Concert Tickets”